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Million Dollar Houses - Pierce The Veil

Been listening to this on repeat all day. Oh my feels.
Holy fuck, I suck at being normal. I was just about tell my crush that i love him? SERIOUSSSLYY!
That awkward moment when the guy you like starts texting you and you are out of credit.
Reckless & Brave.

   In a world where no one believes you, we will survive. In a world where people will underestimate you, we will prove them wrong. In a world where you will are degraded, we will be the greatest. In a world where you are ignored, we will shine. Through these bareers of life, we will struggle through. The sole purpose of writing what i am writing today is to make everybody believe in themselves, all it takes is a bit of courage mixed with determination and you will end up where you want to be but if you want to succeed or not, it is a choice that will measure your own will power. No matter the sticks and tones that will be thrown your way, as long as your determined, you will be the greatest. What i am trying to say is, don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game because one day you will be the sum of your experinces, don’t be afraid to embrace the unknown either. Do what your heart says, not your mind or the ones around, take a decision for yourself. Be fearless of the things around you, never be afraid to take chances & maybe they will lead you to danger or vulnerabilities but learn from your mistakes, it is never too late to correct yourself because taking chances and being care free is what the truly wise would consider brave. Your braveness isn’t measured by the amounts of books you’ve read or knowledge that is stored in your brain, it is measured by your experinces. Raise that despised middle finger to those who will let you down & work towards your dreams because we are the reckless and the brave. 

                                                                            — som3whereinnev3rland


probably the best gif of Kellin ever. 

Anonymous said: well i'm probably hitting ask limit soon so i'll keep this short. "hey, non existent virtual friends :D" i bet you don't have friends in real life either ha ha ha. i'm not gonna waste much time with you because frankly you haven't done much wrong yet. but yeah. your blog is kinda shitty and your theme is fucked up. i hope you get a rise out of this message! have a nice night.

Spread peace not war :D 

Jaime, You have perf teeth. :D 

Anonymous said: oh shut up you're shit too and you just want that girl with a shit blog to like you